• All copper, brass and steel
  • Most plumbing fixtures
  • Usable appliances and cabinetry donated and delivered to Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Unusual plumbing items (such as old valves and gauges) donated to local artists for sculptures
  • We use lead-free faucets, fixtures, appliances and valves
  • We employ “nearest-is-best” purchasing methods: shipping, distribution, warranty and returns, and investments are as “close-to-home” as possible

  • FUEL EFFICIENT SERVICE VEHICLES – lower carbon footprint
  • COMPUTER-DESIGNED JOB SCHEDULING – conscientious logistics minimize travel time and distance
  • SHARED OFFICE – minimize utility, travel and overhead costs – pass savings on to customers
  • EFFICIENT COMMUNICATIONS – phone, email, website and text messaging reduce paper, postage and travel: faster response time, less paper waste; ask for electronic receipts
  • FRUGAL ENERGY USE – lighting, office equipment, appliances and tools are Energy Star rated, where possible
  • RECYCLED PRODUCTS – paper and office products
  • GREEN VISION – purchase from suppliers who share our vision of caring for the earth and preserving the environment