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Responsible Plumbing

How you can reduce energy use and expenses. How we can help.

Habits – good and bad – are hard to break. Make positive change where and when you can. For example, don’t change out an inefficient, still-functioning, fixture if you can’t afford to do so. When its time has come, replace it with a more cost-effective fixture. Here are things you can do … and things we do – to be more environmentally and fiscally responsible. When you’re ready for changes, we’ll help you.

Save money and the environment – choose energy efficient fixtures

  • LEAD-FREE FAUCETS, VALVES & PIPING – reduce toxins
  • METERED WATER SOFTENERS – use less salt, water and electricity
  • DUAL-FLUSH TECHNOLOGY TOILETS – save between 20% and 35% of total water bill
  • ZERO-WASTE REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMS – save at least five gallons of water per gallon of treated water
The latest generation of dual flush toilets demonstrates proven efficiency.