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Greg Jablonowski


Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Greg rebuilt his first engine at age 12. His mechanical understanding came naturally at a very young age leading to a background in a multitude of trades including; automotive, woodworking, metal fabrication, construction, and industrial heat treating.

At the same time, Greg pursued a degree in business at the University of Toledo and continued his education at the University of Wisconsin where his problem solving skills transitioned him to a career in finance. It was in Wisconsin where he met and married the love of his life Hannah, and started a family.

After 10+ years of success in the financial industry, Greg returned to Ohio with his family to reignite his passion of working with his hands. Together, Greg’s well-rounded skills and expertise bring fresh innovation to Western Reserve Plumbing and their valued clients.

Jon Podracky


Jon Podracky, a northeast Ohio native, graduated from Parma High School where he played football, baseball and basketball all four years, and went on to earn an associate degree in business from Ashland University. He’s certified in auto body (thanks to Parma vocational courses) and has worked in a variety of trades, including flooring, arborist, semi-truck driving, excavation, plumbing and waterproofing.

Jon’s hobbies are passionate and varied. He plays with basketball and softball rec leagues, builds PCs (personal computers) with state-of-the-art VR systems from scratch, and rehabs wrecked motorcycles (he’s on this third!). He’s a huge Star Wars, Marvel and DC fan.

He and his high school sweetheart have a daughter together and they recently bought their first home.

Kevin Swan


This third generation plumber worked alongside his grandfather and father, bona fide experienced plumbers, since the age of twelve. He grew up in Richfield, Ohio learning to address the unique challenges extreme winter weather and well water pose for residential and commercial plumbing repairs, as well as the particular needs of century homes.

A move to Mill Valley, CA brought Swan another twenty-two years’ experience, operating his Swan Plumbing Company, and working with multi-phase development projects, luxury homes and modern plumbing technologies. Swan brings a full complement of capabilities to Western Reserve Plumbing.