Big Box Stores

We all love the “big box” stores:  Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Best Buy, Ikea, Sears.  They’re big, they’re boxy, they have a little bit of everything for the handy person hiding in all of us.
But that doesn’t mean you can or even should do everything yourself.  Some plumbing installations and repairs require special tools, unique training or complicated techniques.  (Oh, and a contractor’s license, insurance, a truck full of tools, materials and cleaning products.)  Many projects are downright dangerous, to you and your home or business.  That’s where we can help.


We’ll help finish what you started
You (or your courageous friend) start out on a Saturday morning, full of energy and armed with a bag full of plumbing parts, or boxes filled with plumbing fixtures.  Or a water heater.  Or a gas barbecue grill.  Soon, it’s afternoon, and the knuckles (and ego) are bruised and nerves are frayed.  Stop!  Call us.  No matter how far you decide to go on your project, we’ll be able to finish it, affordably, safely, neatly and completely free of attitude!

We all have strengths, just as we all have our weaknesses.  We applaud anyone who attempts a toilet replacement for the first time; it is downright tough, and dirty, and smelly, and you never, ever have any fun.  And isn’t your free time valuable? So go out to the store, find what you like, then schedule a visit.  (And if you don’t find what you like, we will find it for you!)  There is never, ever a charge for an estimate, although if you pick our brains for more than a few minutes we’ll charge an “education fee.”  Sound good?