Protect your home or business from emergency power outages.

You lose more than the comfort of light and heat when the power goes out.

  • Security – your security systems are automatically disarmed
  • Accessibility – garage door openers don’t open, making getting in and out of your garage harder
  • Perishability – frozen and refrigerated foods can be ruined, depending on the time of year and length of the outage
  • Flushability – if you’re on a well water, your well pump is required in order to flush toilets
  • Productivity – many home offices rely on internet and phone access – without these tools, you’re out of business
Why you need a plumber for generator installations

When the electric power goes out, the alternate emergency energy comes from an engine (generator) fueled by natural gas or propane. It’s natural to think about an electrician to provide electricity, however, the services of a plumber are required to properly pipe the generator to the natural gas/propane fuel source.